Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All about the baby this week

Wow, this has been a crazily busy week!  Sunday was Mother's Day and I was fortunate enough to have my mom here for that.  We enjoyed a quiet morning together at my home (I was working on homework), and in the afternoon we all (mom, DH and I) went to Wuesthoff in Melbourne for our birth center tour.  A good friend of DH accompanied us to the hospital for the tour.

When we arrived, I was completely stressed, because we were about 7 minutes late.  I HATE to be late!  Turns out the tour hadn't started yet, and there was only one other couple there to take the tour.  So, I calmed down.

The hospital was great, very quiet, clean, and....empty!  According to the nurse doing our tour, they only deliver between 30-40 babies per month on average.  I liked the sound of that!

After we finished the tour, we went home so we could host the Mother's Day cookout at our home.  DH's entire family joined us for that.  It was fun to have all our nieces over to swim around in the pool and the food was delicious!

Monday, after work, my mom, husband and I went to the other hospital for a tour.  When we walked into the birth center there, it was PACKED and NOISY!  DH said to me, "I already don't like it!".  I had to agree.  We kept an open mind and finished the tour out, feeling like our group was being herded like a bunch of sheep (or DH kept moo-ing under his breath as we moved from one room to the next). The clincher that told me we definitely weren't going to deliver here was when she told us she couldn't show us an actual Labor room because they were all either full or waiting to be cleaned.  No thanks!!  The other hospital had only ONE patient on the floor at the time, and she and her husband had actually shown up JUST as we arrived to take the tour.  Prior to that they had nobody on the unit at all!

After the tour, we went to a local seafood restaurant and enjoyed a dinner overlooking the Indian River.  It was such a beautiful evening!

Tuesday afternoon I had my anatomy ultrasound.  Mom went with me, and DH met me there on his way home from work.  They squeezed my mom and DH into the exam room (which was actually a closet they cut in half to turn into an exam room, so it was definitely a tight squeeze) so they could see the baby too.  The ultrasound lasted over an hour, and we got to see all of Tristan's baby parts!  He got measured several different times, and it looks like his dates are anywhere from 9/21/10 to 10/5/10 ( the 10/5/10 is the date based on the LMP I gave to the dr originally, but my actual due date is 9/25/10 based on my true LMP and date of conception, as well as sizing dates from first ultrasound).  He appears to be in the 98th percentile for his gestational age, and they estimated him to weigh about 14 ounces right now!

His heart looks great, the placenta is positioned well, and the cord insertion looks great in both places.  During the  ultrasound, he was breech (he changed from footling to frank during the ultrasound), but I have full faith that he will flip many times before it's time for him to be born and be head down so I can deliver him vaginally.

Today was mom's last day here.  I drove her to the airport this afternoon and look forward to having her back here in September when Tristan arrives!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Brother, Oh Boy!

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This past Saturday,