Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Take two Midols and call me in the morning

With my daughter fast approaching her teen years, and right smack in the middle of her "tweens", the drama is ever ensuing at our house.  This morning, I walk into my bathroom to find a host of toiletries belonging to her on the countertop, accompanied by her used bath towel lying on the floor, and a trail of her discarded pajamas and underclothes.

"Karissa!!", I yelled across the house.

"What?", she yells back.

And, so the drama begins.  I ask her what all that stuff is doing there, she gives me her answer with a sprinkle of tweenage attitude, and then I. Get. ANGRY.  My head starts to roll and bob at the same time.  Then I breathe.  I'm still upset with her, but rather than yelling, I try to reason with her, and a lecture begins.  Bad move on my part.  More attitude is spewing from every pore on her body.  She is rolling her eyes, about to cry, bobbing HER head.  It is a battle of wise estrogen versus the novice estrogen.  Girl, I brought you into this world...yadda yadda yadda.  Meanwhile, had my mother not been in the other bathroom blowdrying her own hair and could've seen/heard what was going on...she would have been LAUGHING!  At ME!  Ha!  I think she would have called that karma.  Or paybacks.  Either way it's a witch with a "b".

Later (like 20 minutes later), my daughter is walking through the kitchen and proceeds to drop her iPod Touch on the floor.  Given, it was a complete accident, but it still cracked the entire screen to the point it's not usable.  In the process, she gets a pin prick amount of blood on the tip of her finger, and you would've thought somebody just stabbed the poor child.  She needs a Band-Aid, I absolutely have to get her a new iPod Touch because CLEARLY it's my fault that a) she dropped it, b) Apple didn't make it with a stronger  screen to begin with, and c) pretty much everything is Mom's fault, so this must be too.  So, as I am telling her that I am in NO way going to fix it for her, I'm looking online to find the info for Apple repair.  This is otherwise known as "caving".  I'm famous for this.  Yes, I totally caved.  I started thinking that I had paid almost $250 for this product just 3 short months ago for her birthday.  It's an investment.  I actually just ordered another one for my soon to be 9 year old for his upcoming birthday yesterday.  I can't just let it be trash.

However, this behavior on my part has created what looms in my daughter as her sense of entitlement.  I really need to learn to stand my ground.  I have a hard time with that, mostly because I am only with them for such a short time and I want our time together to be as peaceful and enjoyable as possible.    I will be working on that.

And so begins what will be a series of dramatic mornings, that rollover into afternoons and evenings.  This will be the story of my life, so long as she is with me (and probably alot of the time she is not) until she is at least 30.  Thank goodness I've only got one girl...so far!

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  1. What an interesting and stressful blog! I'm rooting for "wise estrogen!" Don't cave, girl!


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