Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging

I've been MIA, and for that I apologize (mostly to myself because I don't think I actually have all that many followers here).  I started a new venture with Macaroni Kid back in February 2012, and that has consumed most of the free time that I utilized to blog.  I found that I have immensely missed putting my thoughts onto (paper) this screen, so I have made a commitment to myself to make time to do it.  I'm not sure how regularly I will get the opportunity to sit down and write, but for now I will just try to do it when I feel compelled.
I also started a couple of new blogs (anonymously) detailing a couple of other aspects of my life.  One is about our journey to becoming ex-Pats (an ongoing journey that will probably take a couple of years at a minimum), and the other about our current living situation.  I find that writing anonymously is pretty liberating. I don't have to worry about who is going to read it, what they will think, who they will report back to...I highly suggest it!  I don't share those blogs on my social media sites, and even my husband doesn't know that I keep them.
This blog, however, is not anonymous.  Some of you may know me personally.  Others ended up here through a friend or perhaps through a giveaway.  I'm happy to have you all here and reading, if that's what you choose to do.
Happy Holidays to each of you and I am working on a few posts as we speak.

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