Friday, October 14, 2011

Fitness Friday - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of Fitness Friday (I skipped week 3 because I was insanely busy!). Feel free to grab the button and link up with your Fitness Friday story. (Be sure to post a direct link to your fitness story!) I'd love to hear from you!

A Glimpse of My Life

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This week has been totally different. Last Friday I did make it to my Barre Class and I did an hour of Pilates Privates on the Tower. The tower is so different from the reformer, yet many of the same exercises are performed! I have to say that I kind of prefer the reformer, but I think maybe that's because I just haven't had as much exposure to the tower. Either way, I'm still LOVING Pilates.
The Barre class is so much fun. I've never really done any group fitness classes, but these are very small groups (last Friday it was just myself, the instructor, and one other "student"). After spending two hours between the barre class and the Pilates session, I felt like jello. Even though I didn't sweat buckets, it was an awesome workout, and I felt it in my core (where I'm supposed to!).
The weekend was REALLY crappy, so we didn't get outside to go jog or anything. We didn't go to the gym either. We basically spent the entire weekend running errands/shopping (getting prepared for our vacation in the Keys).
We spent most of the day in the car on Monday for our drive down to the Keys, but we did manage to get a short walk in after dinner. It wasn't a fast walk, but rather a leisurely stroll around the grounds of the hotel.
Tuesday was our "workout" day. We walked a minimum of 8 miles on Tuesday, sweating most of the time! I wish I had a scale--I'm sure I walked off at least 2 pounds! I wore a sundress and my flip flops and was really comfortable walking around in that...the hubby wore a pair of shorts that were probably a bit too thick to be walking around in all that heat, but we both managed ok.
Wednesday was a fun day. My hubby went for a 4-hour fishing charter in the morning, then after lunch we played a quick round of golf (it's a 9-hole par 3 course). The walking/lugging the clubs was a bit of a workout, especially paired with the heat of the day.
Thursday was great - first a round of golf in the late morning, followed by SUP (stand up paddleboarding). I have been dying to try SUP for a while now - I hear it's an awesome workout. We even got a babysitter to keep an eye on our little guy so we could enjoy some of this alone time together. What a fun day!

So, just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't get in some exercise! It's a great way to explore new areas (walking or jogging or running or paddleboarding!)

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