Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our First Family Vacation - Quick Preview

I've been out of touch a bit lately, but I wanted to take a quick few minutes for an update!  My husband and I have been enjoying our time together with him being home from overseas.  We're currently enjoying a vacation in the Florida Keys at the Cheeca Lodge and Spa.  If you've never been to the Keys, this is the place to be.  This is a true five star resort...from the moment you are greeted by the gate-keeper at the entrance that much is evident.  The grounds are gorgeous, the staff is very friendly, and the service has been top-notch (despite what some of the travel reviews might state).  The accommodations couldn't be any more luxurious, and the views are truly breathtaking.  Here's a few quick photos from the iPhone...I will post the good photos from our trip once we're home!
 This is a view from the shower, overlooking the tub on the lanai, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.
 Just after sunrise from our balcony.
 Gorgeous!  Tub on the lanai (which is very private!)
 My little man enjoying some morning sunshine on the balcony.
 Tristan attempting to stand up on the lounge chair on the balcony.
 This gives you an idea of the size of the tub....seats two adults comfortably!
 The beach and a view of the fishing pier at Cheeca.  
 He needed a shady spot to hang out!
 Look at those pink cheeks...pretty toasty already this morning!
 The King bed, all made up (plus our own pillows--totally ruins the look!)
 This is actually a pull-out sofa.

I have just one quick thing to add about this resort--the one thing that is never "just right" for me whenever I stay in a hotel is the shower.  The water pressure is usually never strong enough, and the showers usually feel so closed in.  I'm usually excited to leave and go home to my own shower.  This is totally not the case here.  I am LOVING the shower...I could spend hours in there!
 Not one, not two....
 but THREE (3) Shower heads...I'm in HEAVEN!
This shower is HUGE!  Plus the view totally rocks.  

I totally encourage anyone and everyone to come to this place.  The Florida Keys done any other way just isn't done right.  


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  2. Greetings from Southern California

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  3. looks like a great vacation! following via GFC and networked blogs

  4. Oh squee! I have travelled a lot but never to the keys. Omg that lOoks lIke heaven. I lOve the tub and the beach and your pix are amazing!

    I will put this high on my list of must seenplaces. Thanks. Oh and btw I follow you now.

    Hugs from Paula


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