Friday, October 21, 2011

Fitness Friday - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of Fitness Friday (I skipped week 3 because I was insanely busy!). Feel free to grab the button and link up with your Fitness Friday story. (Be sure to post a direct link to your fitness story!) I'd love to hear from you!

A Glimpse of My Life

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This week started off pretty good, but I seem to be going downhill with the fitness each week. Start off like a lion, go out like a get the idea. Last Saturday I got up early (when do I not?) and convinced the hubby to join me at the gym (even though all he really wanted was some breakfast in bed and to go get our errands run). We spent the morning at the gym, and the reward was an afternoon on the boat.

Monday morning I took a Barre class with a different instructor than the one I usually see. Now, don't get me wrong...I ALWAYS feel like I have gotten a great workout when I take the Barre class. However, this class was different. There were parts at the end that I had real difficulty with doing the full set of repetitions on some of the exercises (because I was so tired from everything I'd already done). For the rest of the day, the entire lower half of my body felt weak, and shaky (but in a really good way, if that makes any sense?) Tuesday was another skip day for me.

Wednesday we spent the morning on the golf course. Me, being such an amateur at this sport, thought we could finish 18 holes in about 2.5 hours. Boy, was I wrong!! We did manage to get 9 holes in, just barely! It was kind of dreary, with a few sprinkly showers here and there. We could've gotten more of a workout in if we had walked the course, but then we'd probably only have gotten 1/2 of fewer of the holes done. We did have a lot of fun, in the end (even though we both really suck at golf).

As I write this, we're preparing to head out of town for the weekend. Looks like there won't be much exercising going on until at least Tuesday, but hopefully I'll be back on schedule soon. I miss my Pilates and my gym time.


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  2. im making a quick visit from Alexa hop. no fitness story from me at this time. i have to get motivated


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