Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 10

First of all:  Happy Birthday to the USMC!  Ooh-rah!

Today I'm supposed to tell you about something that I'm afraid of.  I have lots of fears, some of which my husband tells me are "irrational".  For instance, he considers my fear of ALL snakes an irrational fear based solely on the fact that not ALL snakes are poisonous.  Well, poisonous or not, I don't like any of them.  Especially when I peek out my sliding glass door and they are all up on the glass peeking back at me!  Yikes!

Another irrational fear I have is of rabbits.  Yes, those fluffy, cute little creatures that some of us have as pets.  We had a rabbit several years ago.  It was kept outside in a rabbit cage (hutch?).  More times than I can remember, I somehow ended up with the task of feeding and watering this rabbit (whose name was Lollipop).  Lollipop scared the bejeezus out of me.  He would frantically hop all over the place while I was trying my best to get him some clean, fresh water and some food, causing me to jump and flinch!  I was scared he would bite me.  He never did.  Unfortunately, two dogs that belonged to some neighbors of ours got loose, broke into his bunny cage, and devoured him.  All they left was a bit of fur and bones.  Now THAT was a scary sight.  Even though I was terrified of him, I was really sad when he got eaten, but mostly because I knew that my daughter would be sad.

The last fear I'm going to tell you about is my fear of being rear-ended.  I say that this is NOT an irrational fear because it has actually happened to me.  Twice.  In the same month.  When I first moved to Florida, I hadn't been here two weeks before being rear-ended the first time.  I was sitting at a stop light, in the left turn lane.  A teenager in his mom's car bumped into me.  He wasn't going very fast, but it did cause the bumper to fall off the back of my car.  I wasn't injured, and neither was he.  Thank goodness!  I got the car fixed and all was well.  About a month later, my husband was driving my car, and I was in the passenger seat.  We were in the "slow" lane, about to turn right (yes, his blinker was on) onto the street we lived on.  The speed limit of that road is 45 mph.  The guy that hit us was doing the speed limit (doesn't sound like a lot, but being hit when you're almost not moving at that speed is a huge jolt), causing my car to nearly crash through one of our neighbors front doors before my husband was able to correct the direction of the car and bring us safely to stop.  The driver of the other car wasn't injured, but both myself and my step-daughter suffered neck injuries.  I will always have a bulging disc from that accident which was over 3 years ago now.  Today I am fortunate that the pain is mostly under control.  I have some days where the pain comes back and will stick around for a couple of days, but I swear I think that Pilates has helped with that.

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