Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 30

I can hardly believe it's already the 30th of the month. Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is right around the corner!

Today I'm going to share with you 5 good things that have happened while doing this blog challenge, as well as a picture of me today.

  • I didn't procrastinate! Yep, that's the number one good thing that happened (not really, it just happens to be number 1 on this list) during this challenge. I was able to work ahead, schedule my posts (including this one!), and crank them out on time.
  • I got to see my big kids and my parents. This season can be my favorite time of year just because I get to see my family a little more often. I might complain about the logistics of it all, but seeing them is all that really matters. Who cares if it's not on the terms I wish it were? I'm fortunate that I'm still able to spend time with them. There are so many mothers (and fathers) that don't have the option of seeing their children at all.
  • I learned a few things about myself. It was fun to reminisce and think about who I really am. I hope you learned something about me too!
  • I got my Christmas shopping started. Again, not procrastinating as much. One of these days I will have it all done before December 1st, but this is not the year!
  • I celebrated my 2 year anniversary on day 19 of this challenge - two years tobacco/smoke free! I think that's a pretty big deal, and I'm proud of that!

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