Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 24

Today I'm supposed to talk about something that I've learned.  I've learned this lesson first from my mother.  I had it reiterated to me the other day while standing in line to pay my bill at breakfast.  My mom used to tell me that when something gets me irritated or aggravated, to think about whether that thing will matter tomorrow, next week, or next year.  If it's not going to affect the future somehow for the worse, then shrug it off and move on!  This can work in so many aspects in life.  The next time you're stuck behind a "blue-hair" (as my husband likes to call the snowbirds!), and they're doing 10 mph below the speed limit, ask yourself if it's really going to matter tomorrow that you spent a little extra time behind the wheel of your vehicle today.  Don't let it get to you!  This is great advice, as I find myself getting irritated many days while driving!

I told you that I was reminded of this lesson the other day.  I had just finished eating breakfast with my children,  and I was standing in line waiting to pay our bill.  There was quite a line at the front of the establishment, and when this happens, they post a sign on the front door asking patrons to please use the side door to enter.  Several people were coming in the front door anyways, causing those standing in line to have to shuffle around, and creating a bit of a crowd at the front entrance area.  The gentleman standing behind me stated that he guessed they couldn't read the sign, didn't read the sign, or didn't care what the sign said.  I chuckled and agreed with him.  He then backtracked and said that it didn't matter.  It wouldn't matter six months from now, so who cares whether they came in the wrong door or not.  I agreed with him again and told him that my mom used to always tell me that too.  He said that he learned that when his daughter dropped out of college, and he was very upset and angry with her, feeling like a failure as a parent, he asked himself if it would matter in six months that she had dropped out.  When he found that the answer was no, he decided to let go.  He said that he has learned to apply that theory to many aspects of his life because life is too short to be angry and disappointed over things that don't matter.  What a profound lesson to learn!

So, on this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful that I have learned this lesson from my mother, and thankful to have the reminder from that anonymous gentleman on this Thanksgiving week.  Enjoy the holiday today with your family!

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