Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16

Today's topic is really thought-provoking.  No, I'm serious!  I haven't thought this long and hard about something in a long time!

My dream house...hmmm....funny you should ask. A while back there was a house being built on the river near where I live. I didn't really pay much attention until the finishing touches were being put on the house. A seafoam green wide siding was put up, the driveway was done in pavers, the sod and landscaping were gorgeous! The icing on the cake came after the lucky homeowners moved in. When you're driving past this house, you can see straight from the front door to the rear of the house, out the back window and to the river. In that entry room, they had placed a grand piano, and when I drove past it the first time I could just see the silhouette of the piano in the light. I was sold. This was my dream house. Nevermind how many bedrooms or bathrooms, closet sizes or anything else. The grand piano in the entry way did it for me. However, since they just moved in, I doubt they'll be moving out any time in the near future. No worries though...I have a backup dream house.

This is the dream house on the river .
Well, for starters, it would be located in the general area where I currently live. I'm thinking it would be located closer to the river though...the ocean view is gorgeous, but I'm not sure the price of the lot is worth it to me. My husband would love if it were located on the river with a boat dock/lift, or at least on a navigable canal. We both know that we need 4 bedrooms, but I would prefer 5. When I say bedrooms, I'm not talking about cookie cutter bedrooms. I am talking about spacious rooms. My kids deserve to have their own separate spaces, and since this is my dream, I'm dreaming big! My current master bedroom is HUGE x PRETTY BIG (I have no idea what the exact measurements are because I'm lazy and don't feel like finding the tape measure right now), and I'd like the master to be at least the same size. I would like to have 3 full bathrooms, but we can manage with 2.5 (which is what we have now). The kitchen would have to be enormous, and open to the dining area and family room. I'd love to have a separate room for a play area for the kids- kind of a rec room if you will. The garage needs to be big and tall in order to house our cars, motorcycle, trailer, and kids recreational equipment.

While I'm "dreaming", I'd like to have the cast of Extreme Home Makeover build and design my home as well. For free. They could include some great outdoor makeovers to include an outdoor kitchen, pool, jacuzzi, courts? (I don't even play tennis, but it sounded good!)

One day we'll find the house that's perfect for us. Until then, the house we're in now suits us just fine.

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